Water Well Drilling Services

PineappleMurray Drilling Company has drilled over 2500 wells in the Albuquerque area; specializing in North Albuquerque Acres, Corrales, Rio Rancho, Placitas, the North Valley, Bernalillo and Algodones.

Before providing an estimate, Murray Drilling reviews logs from our own jobs as well as logs filed with the State Engineer by other well drillers that are in the vicinity of your property. We then provide an estimate that will give you the best idea of what you are looking at for a total well depth and cost. Keep in mind that it is an estimate and until the well is drilled and cased no one can be 100% sure as to what will be encountered while drilling your well. However, we make every effort to be sure we are providing a realistic estimate for your location. Drilling a well can be a risky proposition and potential well owners need to understand that well conditions can be drastically different from lot to lot. It is never a good idea to compare a well a friend has 3 miles a way or even next door to your location as completely different geological formations could be encountered. If you are in an area that wells are known to be tricky, this will be noted on the estimate.

If you are looking at property always call for rough estimates based on the location, far too often we get calls from new land owners who were told that the wells in the area were far shallower than they really are or they have been told the cost for drilling a well is far below what it will actually cost.