1.) Check the bottom of the Control Box, if the box can be reset there will be 2 buttons. Push these in (sometimes it can be very hard) if they click that means the box tripped. Check to see if the water comes back on. If it does it means that something caused the box to trip and a service call should still be scheduled just to make sure that everything is operating as it should. This can often be an indicator that the motor is having problems, and resetting is just a temporary fix.

Water use should be kept to a minimum just until someone can check it out. We often hear “that thing has been tripping for a month”, at some point it will not reset and you will be without water until repairs can be made. So it is always a good idea to call if it happens more than once.

2.) If there is no control box or the reset buttons didn't pop, check the breaker panel and reset if necessary. Again this can be a sign that something is going on and a service call should be scheduled.

3.) Freezing is generally not an issue until temperatures dip down into the single digits. Be sure to keep garage doors and culvert lids closed at all times, this helps to keep cold air away from equipment and prevent freezing. When temps do get into the teens and single digits it is a good idea to run a space heater or place a heat lamp near the equipment to prevent freezing.

What generally freezes is the nipple at the pressure switch. You can take a hair dryer and on low, go back and forth across the nipple to thaw it out. If this takes care of the problem, you should keep an eye on your system for a while to make sure it is operating normally. Sometimes a freeze up can cause the pump to run against a dead head and cause severe pump damage.

4.) Pressure Switch. Check the switch for debris or bugs, this will often prevent the switch from making contact, leaving you without water. Be sure the power is off before you try to clear the debris.

5.) ”Breathing Wells” Have you ever walked by your well and heard it making a whistling or blowing sound? If so this means that your well “breathes”. Unfortunately they usually blow air out in the summer and pull air in during the winter. The only time this can be problematic is in the winter as pulling in the cold air can cause the drop pipe and pitiless adaptor to freeze. When this happens it can and often times ruins the pump. If you have a well that breathes, you will want to cover it with something large enough you can put a heat lamp or heater under to keep the cold air from going down the well.


Know Your System

It is important to get to know your system and how it functions on a daily basis. When something starts to change such as pressure, air in lines, increased or sudden appearance of sand, funny noises, or a spike in your power bill, it's time to call for service. These can all be indicators that something in your system has changed and needs to be addressed.

Often times catching a problem early will prevent further damage from occurring.